GTC 2012 NUKE spotlight

GTC 2012 NUKE spotlight

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) took place in San Jose California from May 14th to May 17th. The conference is the brainchild of GPU giant NVidia and looks to celebrate global awareness of GPU computing and visualisation as well as the importance of the future of science and innovation.

The event takes place over 3 days and brings together technical session, tutorial, panel discussions and moderated roundtables with some of the biggest thought leaders across a huge range of fields, including scientists, researchers, developers and engineers.

One of this year’s keynote speakers was NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang with the help of Grady Cofer of Industrial Light & Magic who spoke about the use of NVidia GPUs to create some of this year’s biggest movies in conjunction with products like Autodesk Maya and The Foundry's NUKE.

Cofer and ILM used NUKE on the action/sci-fi flick Battleship and demonstrated on real movie footage to show just how quick and easy NUKE is to use. To catch Cofer’s keynote talk, see the above video.

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