Graduated but still looking for a job?

The BBC recently reported on the struggle faced by graduates to find a job after leaving university.  Unemployment amongst grads aged below 24, rose by 25% last year.

Their findings support our recent survey of computer graphic and creative graduates, which revealed that two thirds of grads believe they need extra preparation to pursue the career of their choice. Over one third of those quizzed went onto further study after leaving university, with 80% doing so because they needed more specialist skills than their degree course provided.

To help out, we asked our Twitter followers for their top tips on landing that dream job. Here’s our top 5: 

  1. Don't leave it till you finish uni to start looking! (@Petesonearth)
  2. Don't focus on getting a job. Focus on improving your work constantly, make yourself available and the work will come (@Soranomaru)
  3. Prepare well (your application is the first step for an invitation for a talk), be in time, know the company (@BakaPsychoNeko)
  4. Keep sending showreels everywhere (@Optical3D)
  5. Never give up! (@NickLambert)

For a free opportunity to take your CG skills to the next level and help you get your dream job, you may want to take part in our CG Graduate Design Awards. To enter all you have to do is reply to our awards video on Escape’s YouTube channel and label your entry with your name and showreel title.

You then need to send your contact details including your name, showreel title, email address, telephone number, year of graduation, university and course attended to

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