Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes

Contrary to the title of this blog post, we're not writing about these googly eyes, no, this post is about the busy week we've had technologically. HTC unveiled their latest flagship smartphone here in London, the HTC One (not to be confused with the One X, One X+, One S, One V...). Sony announced the Playstation 4, boasting some serious specs as expected, although we don’t actually know what it looks like yet.

Perhaps most exciting though was this video from Google, a feature demonstration of Project Glass, Google’s augmented-reality head mounted display technology. They also announced a very limited test program for people eager to get their hands on one but it’s unfortunately US only for now.

Google, stop messing around and take my money!

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David Conisbee
Thu 21 Feb 2013: 12:31pm

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