Google & The Science Museum team up!

Google & The Science Museum team up!

Over the weekend I was wiling away a few minutes very early in the morning and I discovered this experimental collaboration, between Google and the Science Museum.

“We've worked with the Science Museum to create unique experiments that will demonstrate the power of the Internet to everyone who visits” Commented Google’s creative director of Web Lab, Steve Vrankis.  

Web Lab is made up of 5 Chrome experiment installations, that each aim to exemplify to users, the vast possibilities of the World Wide Web.

These five tantalising experiments go by the names of,  ‘Universal Orchestra’, ‘Teleporter’, ‘Sketchbots’, ‘Data Tracer’ and ’ Lab Tag Explorer’.

I can assure you that each is as interesting as its name is intriguing, so check it out and enjoy the crazy interactivity! (if you're a Chrome user - search for it in the apps!)

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Dom Davenport
Wed 14 Nov 2012: 1:05pm

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