Good God - Escapees Are Winners!

Good God - Escapees Are Winners!

A while back we featured a blog post about our escapees working on a short film called God View for the East End Film Festival. We are delighted to say that the film picked up best short film in the UK and so massive congratulations to Billy Lumley and all of the escapees that worked on it.

For those of you who don't know, the East End film Festival is not supports local filmmakers and helps to provide a platform for their work.  The festival has supported a large number of new short films through it’s Film Fund, part funded by Film London, and many of these films have gone on to win awards at Festivals around the world which is great.

We'd love to know what you think of the film, reply to this post with your comments.

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Paul Wilkes
Fri 20 May 2011: 10:21am

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  • Paul Wilkes:

    Hi Cecile

    Glad you like the film - it was great experience for our students to work on such an interesting and innovative project.

    I think the film is still doing the rounds of the festivals so you probably wont find it online anywhere at the moment. Billy, the Director, has contact details here -

    I'm sure he would let you know when and where it's going to be on general release.


  • cecile:

    i saw that film on tv two month ago (on CANAL +) and i've loved it! but i really want to see it again and show it to my friends, but i can't find it on the web... could you help me?...thanks!!

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