Gone in 60 seconds!

Gone in 60 seconds!

It would appear I’m not the only one with a sweet tooth here at Escape…

Now, I don’t know about you but I always seem to have loads of chocolate left over from Easter which, truth be told, I would usually have no problem finishing. But as I’m doing my best to maintain a healthy, balanced diet this year I thought I would do the generous thing and share it with my Escape colleagues instead!

As a child if we ever had any stray chocolate eggs hanging around after Easter my mum would melt them down and make delicious cornflake cakes, I always remember waiting patiently to lick the chocolate from the bowl and spoon once she was done. So, with that in mind I set to work over the weekend, I was in yummy, runny chocolate heaven!

Little did I know how popular these simple little treats would be; I had to fend off a couple of my colleagues as early as 8.30 this morning while I placed them in the bowl in the kitchen and took a photo. When I went back in there a couple of hours later, this is what I found:

One eager beaver didn’t even bother picking up the cake case!

There’s always one left over though isn’t there? This is where the level of decorum is truly measured, who is going to be the greedy guts and take the last cake? I’m keeping an eye on the traffic heading in and out of the kitchen in the hope that I can name and shame the culprit…

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