Golden Oldies VS Shiny Newbies

Golden Oldies VS Shiny Newbies

The other day I was searching for an online "time waster" game during my journey home. I don’t like signing up to free gaming websites so I was thrilled to see that the old classic Snake was free to play online. For those of you who don’t know (rare, but they’re out there) Snake was a game that featured on the old Nokia phones, back in the day when phones were used for texts and calls only.

Even now, on such a small platform, Snake has developed into a game that is no longer simply using buttons 2, 4, 6 and 8 to munch on pixels to get the highest points; it’s got graphics, story mode and other edible goodies to get an even higher level of points.

This then got me thinking about the classics that I used to play when I was younger; the Legend of Zelda, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot. It was only recently, when playing these games on the Wii that I started to appreciate how much they had developed over the past ten years:

  • Character faces, old and new, have definition
  • The controls are getting more sophisticated, although more difficult
  • The story lines and enemies have all evolved
  • Levels embody more advanced graphics helping me get even more immersed in the game - and before I know it, my social life is gone!

It’s a lot like watching an old movie; at the time they were ground breaking when it came to the special effects, (Godzilla, The Blob), but looking back at them compared to what is being released now, (Prometheus, Avatar) we start to notice the cracks in these films are more prominent than ever. Gone are the days where toy models were obviously models (you can almost see the strings on Godzilla!), they can seem more real than some of the starring actors; Hogwarts School in Harry Potter still baffles me as it’s only two foot high in reality!

However, it’s also clear to see that a greater amount of CGI does not mean a guaranteed hit; as reviews from Prometheus are incredibly mixed with many raving about it and others slating it. Similarly in games, I find that the new releases of the Legend of Zelda games, on the Wii in particular, just aren’t as good as the original, or as easy to get to grips with. But that's not going to stop me playing the latest version. I guess I'm just really nostalgic when it comes to gaming and the golden oldies.

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