Godzilla finds a home!

Godzilla finds a home!

Those who are as pumped as we are about the prospect of a rebooted sci-fi tinted Godzilla movie, hold on to your seats, as the latest news on the project is that it’s found a home for filming!

The city of Nanaimo in British Columbia is supposedly where the first stages of the Gareth Edwards movie will be filmed this month, as more than 300 crew members are expected to arrive for an 8 day shoot which has pledged to use local extras, staff and equipment.

The film’s working title is ‘Nautilus’ and will be using the Vancouver island for the first shots of this fresh take on the giant radioactive monster.

The next stages of production are to be unveiled shortly – so keep an eye out on our blog for the update VFX fans!

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Tue 19 Mar 2013: 11:46am

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