Go Weta! But still the Hobbit runs away...

Go Weta! But still the Hobbit runs away...

The actors unions and writers strikes are having a major negative impact on the film making capabilities all over the world. First, there was LA some years ago with their writters' strike. Now they threaten the film production in NZ according to the recent news

But the best bit is that 1,500 workers from Weta's Miramar studios marched on the actors equity meeting, and in great style the actors did a runner! I have numerous friends who work at different places including Weta Digital, and all credit to them! It's a shame that a few actors can decimate an entire industry (hopefully not). Weta have produced some amazing films over the last few years and being a LOTR fan I am looking forward to the Hobbit. It's a real shame that Warner have pulled the plug and moved their $500m investment elsewhere.

So all I can say is go Weta! Kick some actor ass! (video of protest) would have loved to march with you!! grrrr..... not quite as bad as some or our Euro compatriots (i.e. the French) burning cars and kicking off, but none the less, in the words of the tooting popular front POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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