GMUNK: Get Creative to Progress Your Career in VFX

It's very easy to lose creative motivation and it's something every artist will experience at some stage in their career. We all got into Visual Effects to work in a creative career, so why stop living the dream? To remain on the cutting edge of creativity, sometimes you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone and remind yourself of the things in VFX that speak to you the loudest - because ultimately that’s what will drive your best work.

If you’re an aspiring CG artist or an artist already working in the industry, now is the time to get inspired. In a webcast coming up on April 22nd, Design Director Bradley G. ‘GMUNK’ Munkowitz opens the door to a world of visual adrenaline from the epic range of work in his back catalogue. For an insight into how he went from Graphic Designer to working on the motion graphics for Tron: Legacy, make sure you tune in. To get more details on the webcast, sign up here.

The skills you learn as a CG artist are transferable into so many areas. Don’t let your creativity get bogged down by the things you don’t like doing but make you a comfortable living. Get inspired and flex those creative muscles, because there's nothing more satisfying than doing the thing you're most passionate about.

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Ellen Payne
Mon 8 Apr 2013: 3:06pm

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