Glassworks create the First Virtual 3D Heart

Glassworks create the First Virtual 3D Heart

Glassworks has recently completed an impressive project for Heartworks, creating a realistic simulation of the first virtual 3D heart, a pretty impressive feat.

The team was able to create the real-time simulation with the help of a BOXX 8550 and NVIDIA’s Quadro graphics cards, which gave them the quick rendering speed they needed to create a real life-like experience. Here, Founder Hector McLeod sheds more light on the technology they used:

"What the NVIDIA GPU does within HeartWorks is load and display extremely complicated models, and render them at 30 frames a second, in a series of events that are themselves, complex. In any given frame we're tapping the GPU to examine the model, slice it, annotate the views and display the two visualisations -- the model and the ultrasound -- in less than 1/30 of a second."

You can check out the simulation at Heartworks’ website and read the full story here.


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Thu 17 Feb 2011: 5:47pm



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