• Compositing with Davi Stein

Getting to the Heart of Compositing with Davi Stein

What is compositing? An essential part to any visual effects pipeline, it’s important to realise what sets this apart from the more traditional 3d elements of VFX. Rest assured, if you don’t know what compositing is, you’re not alone. In our experience, this can be difficult to answer without showing the process in action. And for those of you looking to learn more about these processes, we’re hosting a webinar that will look at compositing in fine detail, leaving no room for doubt.

To put it simply, compositing is the process of constructing a final image by combining layers of existing materials, achieving the illusion of reality. To succeed as a Compositor you use a range of skills, from creative decision making to problem solving and technical know-how. On October 24th, Compositing Tutor and Head of 2D, Davi Stein will lead a discussion to help explain the art and science behind compositing, and the essential role it plays during the production process. 

Senior Compositor on an extensive list of visually stunning films, Davi has applied her talents to productions such as The Dark Knight, Where the Wild Things Are, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Matrix (sequels) and Australia. To find out more about Davi’s career as a Compositor, check out her full list of credits here.

Join us for this essential webinar where Davi will get to the heart of compositing; explaining exactly what this process entails, the tools used on the job, the range of job roles available within the sector and how compositing is one of the best routes into a career in VFX.


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This webinar took place on 29th October, 2012

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