Getting Inside Cerebro

Getting Inside Cerebro

At Escape Studios we are always looking to keep informed with different products that we can help you lovely folks increase your performance and streamline your workflow. Of late we have been very interested in the increase in project management software being used to boost productivity. So here is one you may not have heard about just yet…

Cerebro is a media project management software making a big impact in Europe and Asia. It was originally developed by Moscow based post-production facility Cinemateka between 2005-2008 as an in-house software for visual effects project management and has further been developed by CineSoft.

It has been adopted by over 70 postproduction and animation companies over Europe and has been used on projects like 20th Century Fox movies Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) and The Darkest Hour (2011) as well as Disney’s The Book of Masters (2009). It has been used by Russian Studio N3 on Mitsubishi and Gillette commercials and the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2009.

As an all-in-one toolkit Cerebro has some really cool functions like tracking and overviewing, project breakdown, file access control and sharing.  Cerebro is available on multiple platforms including Mac OS, Windows and Linux, as well as iPhone and iPad capabilities. You can see more on Cerebro in their online tutorial here and remember to turn on the subtitles!

For more information on Cerebro contact our software team.

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