Get LinkedIn with The Art of VFX

Get LinkedIn with The Art of VFX

LinkedIn is a pretty awesome tool for lots of reasons, but one in particular is how it encourages some users to be quite industrious in their spare time. And a perfect example of this is how freelance digital compositor Vincent Frei has created a group called The Art of VFX. This is where Vincent shares interviews he’s had with a range of industry professionals working in VFX, offering us VFX geeks an inside scoop into what they’ve been working on.

So if you’re a VFX fan and a LinkedIn user, you may want to join this group and keep up to date with what Vincent is posting. The latest one is a video interview with Sue Rowe, VFX Supervisor at Cinesite. Filmed during the conferences of Imaging the Future in Switzerland last July, it’s a good place to start.

Hats off to Vincent for taking the time to arrange and share these interviews. Loving his work!

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Ellen Payne
Wed 22 Aug 2012: 5:44pm

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  • Vincent:

    Hi Ellen,

    Thanks a lot for your nice comment.
    I'm happy that you like my interviews.
    I will post more video interviews on the next two Tuesday.


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