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Get Creative and Inventive in your Career

The career path for any artist is by no means straight forward. There are many obstacles that can get in the way of what you truly want to do - but one thing is for certain, when times get tough, every artist benefits from a healthy dose of inspiration. And that my friend is what we aim to present you on our webcast with Design Director, Bradley G. ‘GMUNK’ Munkowitz.

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Speaking as one motion graphics artist to another, GMUNK opens the door to a wonderful world of visual adrenaline, exhibiting an awesomely epic range of work from his back catalogue. Collaborator and creative lead, GMUNK's work will not fail to entertain, and his insight into design, concept, character design, form, function, practical effects, light projections and motion graphics will certainly leave you with something to think about.

The skills you learn as a CG artist are transferable into so many areas. Don’t let your creativity get bogged down by the things you don’t like doing but make you a comfortable living. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and remember the things in VFX that speak to you the loudest, because in the end that’s what will drive your best work.


Bradley G. ‘GMUNK’ Munkowitz has been a Design Director for the motion graphics industry for over a decade. He entered the motion graphics world under the tutelage of Kyle Cooper at Imaginary Forces and has gone on to work on a range of impressive projects. He spent the entirety of 2010 playing in the darkness at Digital Domain leading a black-ops team of GFX all-stars to concept, design and execute over 12 minutes of holographic content for the feature film TRON: Legacy.

He began his professional career as an Interactive Designer at London-based Vir2L Studios Europe, while also crafting immersive web experiences on his cult site GMUNK.com, winning a grip of awards for web excellence and innovation while inspiring a generation of interactive storytellers.

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When: This webcast took place earlier this year. Check out the recording.
Where: Online