Games industry salaries on the up

Good news for all those in the games industry. A new survey out this week showed that salaries are on the rise, going up 2%-3% over the last year, with those of you working on the technical development and programming side of things earning the most.

This isn’t the first salary survey we’ve seen this year, but like the others it points to a trend that suggests it’s getting better financially in the games industry. Earlier this year, Develop found that the average salary across the entire field is £31,509 (an increase on last year) with the majority of employees expecting to see it go up next year too.

Despite this, the research from TIGA also found that the games industry had a higher turnover of staff than others in the UK and the average length of service is only seven to ten years. It also, perhaps unsurprisingly, showed a very male dominated, young workforce.

Those of you on the front line – have you had a similar experience? Let us know if you’ve seen your salary rise or a high turnover of staff.

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