Games Course Escapee Tom Harle Lands a Job at Rebellion

Games Course Escapee Tom Harle Lands a Job at Rebellion

It's always great to hear when escapees land jobs - especially if it's one that they've always dreamt of getting. Tom Harle, who studied our Games Art Production course has just secured a job at top games studio Rebellion. He's worked really hard on his portfolio and it's clear that it's really paid off.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the fantastic work that Tom has created - it's truly stunning.  Each of the stills really are works of art in their own right - each one of them meticulously created.

We'd love to know what you think of them - all you have to do is post your comments on this page.

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Simon Fenton
Tue 26 Apr 2011: 9:10am

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  • John McCann:

    I work with Tom at Rebellion, and he's doing a great job! He even took a bit of extra time out of his busy schedule yesterday to make me a special light.

  • Gary Abrehart:

    Do I spy a test environment for Splash Damage Games in there? :-)

    These sets certainly are a labour of love. Excellent detail, makes you want to frame them and hang them on your wall.

  • krishna joshi:


  • Miska:

    That´s just awesome. Congrats Tom for landing a dream job! You´re inspiration for all the rest of us Escapees trying to break through.

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