Games Consoles: The Next Generation.

Games Consoles: The Next Generation.

Let me start by clarifying; I don't have an Xbone, or a PS4. I haven't even played one yet. So this is a biased article in that respect. While the idea excites me, and if I just happened to have a spare grand to blow I would have picked them up just to have them, but because I need the money for more important things, like food, I'm still making my way through the current generation of games and consoles.

But let's say I had the magic grand to spend. Would I pick up the next gen consoles? I'm not sure. The truth is that the launch line-up isn't blowing me away. There are a lot of current gen games being re-released. There's a token racing game, a token fighting game, the standard Call of Duty yearly release (now with Dog!) but in terms of big, exclusive, watering-at-the-mouth must-have super sexy next-gen exclusives, there 'aint much that twixt my nethers so far.

Of course, launch line-ups are usually lacklustre. I remember getting home with a launch edition PS2 with a copy of Ridge Racer V and Tekken Tag Tournament and being move interested in the fact that it played DVDs. Anyone pick up Batman:Vengeance with their Xbox 360? I think I played that for about two days before I had to go outside and have a word with myself.

Launch titles are often a bit rushed, a bit unfinished. There are true successes, like Halo, but let us not forget that was a PC game before it's release on the Xbox (and a Mac release first, wouldn't ya know). Dead Rising 3 is probably the best looking Xbone game, but the recent release of DR2 on Games For Gold reminded me just how flawed that series can be, so I'll be waiting for a price drop for that. Killzone looks beautiful on the PS4, however, one game does not warrant a month’s rent.

The true blue beuts are coming out in the new year; Infamous for Playstation, and Titanfall for Xbone (and PC!) Those are the games that will start to really show us what these consoles are capable of. And after that, the future is looking very bright for games.

The VXG Awards were on Saturday night, and while I can tell you with confidence I don't know any of the nominees or winners, I can tell you about the amazing trailers that were shown for the next round of next-gen game releases.

The Witcher has revealed some more stunning in game footage that promises and lush and stunning open world. No Man's Sky has announced itself to be a enormous procedurally generated MMO that looks like it might make all of my Firefly fantasies come true. Destiny will, almost certainly, be next years must-have shooter, regardless of how many new domestic animals the next COD allows you send into battle - remember, it's made by Bungie, the same guys that brought us the incredible Halo games.

The stand out trailer for me was certainly The Division, which took the time to showcase it's Snowdrop engine and how it manipulates textures depending on the day/night cycle and the weather - simply stunning.

There's been a lot of hype this year about the new consoles, and it's been somewhat of a roller-coaster to follow. Now though, the dust is starting to settle, and after Christmas we'll begin to see what the developers who weren't tied down to a day one release have been able to construct with the next gen engines, which in my opinion makes the year coming even more exiting. Perhaps it's time to start saving for the Boxing Day sales…



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