Games BAFTA's Announced Last Night

Last week I mentioned the 'red carpet day' for Games companies at the BAFTA's. Well, The awards ceremony was last night and the results are in!

Firstly, it's amazing to see so many well-dressed gamers! Words that don't often go together, but all my friends in the industry will forgive me for saying it. And I am pleased that my prediction came true for the best 'Family' game - i.e. Kinect Sports. it wasn't really a difficult on to guess, now was it?

Well done to all the winners and a special mention to Peter Molyneux for his award for Academy Fellow 2011.

To see the full list of winners please go here.

We wish all the UK games companies great success in 2011 and let's hope (and support) the TIGA petition to David Cameron to get tax relief for the UK games business... You can support the petition here.

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Thu 17 Mar 2011: 12:38pm

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