Gamers… get immersed!

Gamers… get immersed!

Seems things are taking some interesting turns for the games industry. The word on the street is that the main players are opting for immersive 3d environments in games... allowing games to leave the confines of the TV. Both Microsoft and Sony have recently revealed their very different plans on how to achieve a totally immersive experience.

Firstly Microsoft have just filed patents for a system that uses camera tracking and scanning to project a game all around the room that the player is in. The projections will account for room furniture as well as player motions. This will allow someone playing a FPS shooter to turn around and see who’s sneaking up on them. In a darkened room the room becomes the whole environment… which sounds pretty amazing.

Sony, on the other hand, have interestingly taken an entirely different approach to this. They are releasing 3D goggles that will give the user an augmented reality experience. This is when the real world and CG are superimposed with each other when the viewer looks through the 3D goggle. Again, allowing for a totally immersive experience.

All I know is that this is a very exciting time for gamers, and as always, the decision for which platform is best will surely rage on as the manufacturers continue to compete for the coolest experience.

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