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Here's a selection of what our game course students have created. As I mentioned before, I'm really proud of what the guys have come up with, and I would love to show you every single students work, were it not for amount of space it would take up on the blog. So here, as a compromise, is a selection:


I think you'll agree there's some good work here. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more images soon. It would be great to hear your feedback as well, so any comments much appreciated.

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Simon Fenton
Thu 21 Jan 2010: 11:05am

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  • simon fenton:

    Hey Jack hope all is well
    I have just bought a PS3 slim and am really enjoying both versions of uncharted, so thanks for the first one, its fantastic.
    The course was tweaked in terms of timing and I put more focus into Zbrush, UDK also was a great help on the course as well.
    How is your work, send me some images
    Take care

  • Jack Hayes:

    That's some really nice work from the new class, It's good to see you have posted some of the work from the old class too. The UDK looks like it has done a really nice job with the top image using the new lighmass. It's good to see new student's work, and compare it to what we did :)

    Post more images if you can, also post what was different about this course than the last (but I know you are a busy man :p )
    Jack (ex escapee)

    PS. manage to play uncharted yet?

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