Gallery of Mo

Gallery of Mo

A week into Movember, and Escape Studios's very own Mo Bros' scraggly lip-caterpillars are starting to blossom!

For those of us more, umm, follically-challenged in the upper lip region, there are plenty of other ways to get involved with this mo'hoosively worthy cause; a favourite of ours being the Gallery of Mo project.

Over 180 participating artists, including Jenny Robins, Sam Gilbey, Lucy Evans, Robert Cureton and Graeme Ross, are on hand to whip up your portrait avec une moustache, with proceeds going towards Movember's beneficiary charities. Simply head over to the site, decide how much you'd like to donate, choose an artist, upload a photo of yourself (or better still, an unwitting friend!)—et voilà! The mo'generous you are with your dosh, the mo'generous the artist will be with their time creating your very own masterpiece—so dig deep!

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Alison Cobb
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