Fusion ioFX

Fusion ioFX

The Escape Studios Technology team have received some rather exciting new solutions recently, one of which being the new Fusion ioFX board.

This state of the art card provides anyone with a need for high quality, high resolution, real time streaming or editing the ability to work directly from the source material which can be held on the card, appearing to the system like a hard drive and working in exactly the same way. Effectively, this is a 420GB MLC NAND hard drive, with read speeds of around 1.4GB/sec, far in excess of what the newest generation SSD drives are capable of.

What this means for the day-to-day business of a creative professional is that you’ll be able to access and edit 2K, and 4K content in real-time at full resolution as well as stereo video. This gives the artist much more flexibility and efficiency, assisting delivery on the tightest of deadlines.

The ioFX cards are also tuned for hyper-threaded CPU’s, ensuring that no bottlenecks occur when dealing with high memory bandwidth, further enhancing the sustained performance in multi-threaded 3D and Compositing applications.

These cards have been in development for a while now, and were put to the test on Martin Scorsese’s Oscar winning 3D movie Hugo at Pixomondo. They were also a huge hit at SIGGRAPH in LA a few weeks back and were used by Thinkbox, Assimilate, BOXX Technology and Adobe to demonstrate advanced application performance.
If this sounds like something that could help your work-flow and meet the ever tightening grip of your deadlines then get in contact with us at Escape. And if you're keen to find out more of the juicy details around these cards, take a look at the Fusion IO website.

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