Fuel VFX go into administration

Fuel VFX go into administration

Bad news down under this week, as the prolific Australian firm, Fuel VFX, has made a 'backs to the wall' decision to go into voluntary administration. Having worked on such films as Prometheus, The Avengers and Iron Man over the last few years, we can safely say the world of VFX will be missing this hive of talent!

The company was founded in 2000 and has spent the best part of its 12 years in the industry at the tip top, using home grown talent to generate the effects behind a vast number of mammoth Hollywood productions.

Unfortunately, despite recent successful projects overseas, Fuel has been unable to keep up with the increasing value of the Aussie dollar, combined with an overall decrease in production in activity the firm made the decision to go into administration this week.

The good news is that owners are looking to restructure the business, leaving us with some ray of hope that this is not a permanent arrangment!

We have our fingers crossed!

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Robert Broadbent
Fri 31 Aug 2012: 12:00pm

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  • Ataul Munim:

    And Digital Domain isn't looking too healthy either

  • DHW:

    Fuel wasn't the only studio in trouble as Matte World Digital has gone out of business.

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