From Past To Present

From Past To Present

It’s always interesting to see how different studios rank, whether it’s in regards to gaming, films or television. On Wednesday, Develop Online released its top 100 best studios, which, let’s be honest is always good to have a nose at. This time, however, what made it more interesting for us is the fact that two escapees have gone on to work for the number one voted UK game’s developer, Traveller’s Tales!

Now, some of you may recognise the name, some of you may not, but when I tell you what they’ve worked on they'll definitely ring a bell. Traveller’s Tales is the main producer of all games based on the LEGO franchise (which actually made the developer over £38 million in revenue from the UK last year). Although the developer has worked across a variety of different movie tie-ins, they are most well known for their recent work for LEGO. The company was founded in 1989 and was acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2007. It’s most successful titles include LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

Now, back to our escapees.  As I mentioned, two ex-students, who took the Games Art Production course I taught in 2009, now work at Traveller’s Tales and we are in the process of speaking to them to get some insight into their current roles, as well as finding out what else they've been getting up to. Keep your eyes peeled for these articles, coming soon!

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