Free Webinar: The Art of Creating Great Animated Characters

Free Webinar: The Art of Creating Great Animated Characters

I will be holding a free live webinar on November 4th. Here's a quick outline of what I will be discussing.

Creating great animated characters requires a combination of skills. We need to start with a great idea, combine it with excellent design, add a terrific voice, and finally produce beautiful animation. All these ingredients need to be there to make it work well. If you are designing a series of characters, they all need to work together as a whole, contrasting and complementing one another.

I'll begin the webinar by looking at where you can find inspiration for your characters, analyse some key principles of design, and then take a look at the techniques that help people warm to your animation. If you're interested in creating a great animated character, this webinar is perfect.

It's not taking place until November the 4th so you've plenty of time to book your place and get your notepad ready.

To register for the webinar, just go here. 

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alex williams
Thu 14 Oct 2010: 9:17am

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  • JC Little:

    Cool. I'll spread the word.

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