Free webinar: The Art and Science of Visual Effects

Free webinar: The Art and Science of Visual Effects

What's the secret behind breath-taking visual effects? There are lots of elements we need to consider before answering this question – such as modelling, texturing and lighting your scene - but a pivotal point in the process of bringing a computer generated image to life, is rendering.  And one man who has dedicated a great many hours into this area is The Mill's Head of Maya Development, Suraj Harrington-Odedra

On Wednesday 30th October 2013, Suraj joins us for a webinar where he will show how his work as a 3D artist really starts to take effect when he starts preparing the tools for a render.

Discover how a professional artist approaches the process, to generate the best possible results in the most time effective way. And how Suraj always finds a way to put his time to good use while waiting for shots to render.

Rendering is a combination of artistic and scientific principles to create realistic-looking illumination, shadows, and textures. Suraj is here to introduce you to the process and to show you how by applying professional lighting and rendering techniques inside a 3D software solution like Maya, you can achieve incredible results every time.

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