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We've had lots of questions about how our Mentored Training works and we thought it would be great to give people a guided online tour. We'll take you through what you'll learn on the course but more importantly, how you'll learn on this course - demonstrating our unique e-Learning platform.

Mentored Training is perfect if you want to study VFX but couldn't really give up full-time employment for 12 weeks to study in our physical Academy. The courses (VFX and Compositing) are delivered online over 38 weeks and are mentored by our world class tutors.  Every week you'll get an assignment and feedback so you won't just be left to your own devices, studying alone. The e-Learning platform is socially integrated so you can communicate with fellow students studying along side you as well and being able to switch between Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo whenever you'd like to share your latest creations.

Here are the webinar details, so sign up to reserve your place.

Date of the webinar

  • This webinar will take place on February 9th and will concentrate on the VFX Mentored Course

Format of the webinar

  • 17.20 GMT - 18.00 GMT
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