Free Webinar: Getting to the heart of compositing!

Free Webinar: Getting to the heart of compositing!

Compositing in regards to VFX can be a difficult process to explain unless seen in action. Although the term may seem quite self-explanatory to those working in the industry, that’s not generally the case for those starting out, looking to break into the industry. And as we speak with budding CG artists every day, we feel it’s important to understand what sets compositing apart from the 3d modelling elements of VFX. As it’s only when you truly understand the range of departments that exist in the visual effects industry, can you make the right career decision.

An essential part of any visual effects pipeline, compositing is the process of constructing a final image by combining layers of existing materials to achieve the illusion of reality. This definition may not make a lot of sense in print, but we're positive once you've seen this applied in a practicle sense, it'll be a lot more clear what the process entails. On October 24th, Escape Studios Compositing Tutor and Head of 2D, Davi Stein, will lead a webinar to get to the heart of compositing.

Join Davi on October 24th, and get a taste for what the role of a compositor entails. Discover what essential skills you’ll need to break into the industry, and how Compositors are largely responsible for creating the CG magic we see on screen. Register for this webinar here.

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