Free VFX Webinar – Last change to sign up, don't miss out!

Free VFX Webinar – Last change to sign up, don't miss out!

Tomorrow, August 1st, we're hosting a free webinar with Head of 3D and Escape tutor, Mark Spevick, who will be revealing some of the secrets at the heart of VFX. Introducing you to key techniques and exposing what this creative career is really like, Mark hopes to demystify the science behind the art.

3D VFX is the process that lets you create something out of nothing, making the impossible possible – an art form that’s become increasingly more common since the early 1980’s. From cinema to music videos and television production, VFX are everywhere.

What is VFX? Have you found yourself watching an awesome effect on TV and wanted to know how it was made? If the answer is yes, then this is a webinar you don't want to miss. Join us tomorrow as Mark breaks down the process, so you can get to grips with what happens when a VFX team strive to create the ambitious vision for the exhilarating movie moments we all enjoy. Creating something out of nothing is just the start. We invite you to discover the true potential of this awe-inspiring art form.

To book your place, sign up here.

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