Free Tutorials - Animation & ZBrush

Free Tutorials - Animation & ZBrush

You can really impress future employers by taking advantage of our two expert tutorials this month. Taken from our Character Animation Foundation and ZBrush for 3D Artist courses, they are designed to give you pro-skills in very specialised areas.

Tutorial 1: Forward kinematics VS Inverse kinematics
The first tutorial discusses the theory behind Forward kinematics and Inverse kinematics, as well as arm and world orientation. Using practical examples with an industry standard character setup, we show how the various set ups have both advantages and disadvantages, as well as revealing how to switch between FK and IK mid animation.  


  • FK (forward kinematics)
  • IK (inverse kinematics)
  • Arm and world orientation
  • Animating using FK and IK

Tutorial 2: Shelby A11 texturing part 05 - Cloning in SpotLight
This tutorial covers the use of SpotLight for cloning parts of an image and then projecting that image directly on to a model with Spotlight projection mode and polypainting. This video is part of a longer tutorial; texturing a Shelby A11 flying helmet and head. In this section a texture for the eyes is prepared using the SpotLight dial to clone out highlights from a source image which is then projected on to the eyes.


  • SpotLight
  • Clone function
  • SpotLight projection

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