Free Tutorial: Mastering Dynamics in Maya

Free Tutorial: Mastering Dynamics in Maya

If you’re an aspiring VFX artist, knowing Maya inside out is an absolute must. On our VFX course, I make sure that every student has a good understanding of Dynamics and linking objects kinematically which are an integral part of the VFX pipeline. Not knowing these just isn’t an option. They form part of a basic skillset which post houses will expect you to know. That’s why, this month, I’ve created a tutorial which will give you two new skills you can add to your showreel. Being able to use Dynamics fluently will demonstrate to potential employers that you understand the key techniques in VFX and are ready to take your first steps in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Log on to our eLearning platform and add these skills to your existing toolset.

Here’s a breakdown of the tutorial:

Understand how to use Dynamics in Maya
Learn how to set up constraints and use force fields
Add gravity to objects
Learn to link objects kinematically
Apply forces like ‘velocity'

How to Access the Tutorial
Have you registered for our free tutorials before? If so, you can go straight in, and access the tutorial here - the system will ask you to sign in though. If not, just register on our site and then access the tutorial here.

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  • Mir Zaheer Ali Khan:

    HI i love Maya please send me more information about particle

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