Free Tutorial Learn to control occlusion

Free Tutorial Learn to control occlusion

This months free tutorial has been specifically created by our tutors to help you learn to control occlusion. It's not taken from any of our online courses so it truly is a unique tutorial. You'll start off by looking in depth at the mib_amb_occlusion texture node and how careful use of 2 attributes will ensure that you obtain the perfect ambient occlusion pass.

Explained through a practical VFX example, this video will demonstrate how the result of your occlusion can be controlled via the ID Inclexcl and Id Nonself options.  At the end you'll compare the result via a simple comp in Photoshop, looking at an incorrect render and one that has been built with Id inclexcl and Id nonself.

What are you waiting for, log on and start learning.

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Lee Danskin
Wed 9 Feb 2011: 4:39pm

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  • non snap:

    good tutorial

  • Syam Basina:

    Nice tutorial

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