Free Tutorial from Brand New ZBrush Course

Free Tutorial from Brand New ZBrush Course

We’re really excited about this month’s free tutorial because it’s taken from our new soon-to-be launched ZBrush Course. This tutorial is great if you’re looking to up your ZBrush skills to an advanced level. It’s an in-depth tutorial that demonstrates how to use tools to create fine details, specifically ‘Wear and Tear’ on a pre-made Gas Mask model. Plus, it’s only 12 minutes long so you’ll be able to squeeze it into your lunch break.

During the tutorial you’ll learn what kind of photograph makes a good alpha and you will be shown how to create an alpha in both ZBrush and Photoshop. You'll then be introduced to a number of different tools and techniques for applying these alphas in ZBrush to add realistic wear and tear to a model.

Tutorial Breakdown

  • Light Box
  • MakeAlpha
  • Masking with alphas
  • Export alpha
  • 3D Layers
  • Focal Shift
  • Deformation Inflate
  • Erasing with the Morph brush
  • Grayscale, 16 bit images
  • Adjustments Black and White
  • Adjustments Levels
  • Make Stencil
  • Adjusting Stencils

How do I Access this Free Tutorial?

If you’ve never registered for one of our free tutorial’s before, don’t worry, it's very simple. All you need to do is register on our website to access our online learning centre, and then follow the email instructions. Once you have your username and password, click here to access the online platform and select the 'FREE AREA' from the drop down menu in the 'My Courses' tab. For those of you who are already registered, just log-in with your usual username and password.

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Isabelle Duarte
Wed 11 Aug 2010: 2:39pm

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  • Usman Butt:

    its awesome

  • Rohit Panchal:


  • Roberto Rios:


  • David Joos:

    Hi Bridgette,

    just a quick one to let you know that our partner's support team is still on the case and we'll get in touch once the issue has been resolved.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • David Joos:

    Hi NeoGzus,

    we are currently experiencing issues with one of our US Content Delivery Network's servers, which is affecting some of our US-based customers. Our partner's support team is on the case to sort it out and we'll let you know once the issue has been resolved...

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience!


  • NeoGzus:

    :( tut won't play for me either

  • Serenity Muretta:

    I've been trying to get into using Zbrush for a while, simply messing around. Thanks a lot for this.

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi Ruby,

    Thanks for the feedback. Really pleased that you enjoyed the tutorial. The complete course is not released yet - this was just a taster. We hope to be able to make it available on our website for purchase in the next few weeks.

    Let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.


  • ruby:

    Great Tutorial but I can't find on the website where to purchase the rest?

  • David Joos:

    Hi Bridgette,

    I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the online learning tool... I just picked up the e-mail you send us through onlinesupport[at] I'll get in touch with some tests so we can pinpoint the issue...

    Thanks in advance!

  • bridgette mongeon:

    tutorials won't work.

  • jeff:

    great stuff

  • Paul Wilkes:

    Great stuff! Keep an eye out for details of the full online course and a new classroom ZBrush course coming soon.

  • Colin Merrick:

    perfect timing for me as I need to up my zbrush skills in the next few months again escape always deliver :)

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    You are welcome. Let us know how you get on with it.

  • Shai Delacroix:

    Just in time. Thank you so much. :)

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