Free RenderMan Tips and Tricks Webinar

Free RenderMan Tips and Tricks Webinar

Hi Everyone, my name is Chris Ford from Pixar Animation Studios and I manage Pixar's RenderMan business from our studio in California. I am delighted that Escape has kindly offered me the opportunity to contribute an occasional guest blog post.

If asked, most people think of Pixar as a feature animation studio; however it is much less well known that Pixar also supplies the cinematic rendering technology used in the majority of visual effects and animated feature films past and present. Pixar's RenderMan renderer was and is one of the primary enablers of the modern revolution in special effects, and from our analysis of ongoing trends in technology and production; the growth opportunities in our industry are looking extremely encouraging. In fact I am currently tracking every feature animation and visual effects film in the global pipeline out to 2013 and beyond and there are more upcoming feature films that will require cinematic rendering skills than ever before and equally an increasing need for talent to service that demand.

It is with this impending demand in mind that with the help of Escape Studios we have compiled a RenderMan Tips and Tricks webinar for aspiring VFX artists who seek to get a head start in the production industry using our RenderMan software. Simply, there are going to be many opportunities for talented lighting, shading, and rendering specialists over the next few years.

The first webinar will be presented by Escape Studios’ Lee Danskin who has crafted an excellent overview based on his decades experience in the industry.  Lee will spend the first 25 minutes walking you through some of the RenderMan secrets used in day to day production, and will finish up by giving you the opportunity to ask whatever questions you have for him. I will also be posting a list of the most frequently asked questions on this blog once the webinar has taken place so that you can reference them later.

All this will be taking place on September 9th 2010 and you can find the details and sign up here.

If you’d like to see more webinar’s on Pixar's RenderMan, please reply to this post and we will see what we can do.

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  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi Carlos!

    We hear you loud and clear. We are going to be doing more RenderMan webinar. We'll post more news on this very soon.


  • carlos:

    more renderman webinar please!!

  • Agustin Lopez Saubidet:

    i definitely want to se more webinars about RenderMan!

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