FREE Kindle No1 bestseller (beating ‘Star Wars’) download for 32 hours

FREE Kindle No1 bestseller (beating ‘Star Wars’) download for 32 hours

How to get into and survive Film, Advertising and TV post-production is topping the charts on free Kindle downloads, out-doing Star Wars. Pretty epic! If this tells us anything, it’s that there are still a healthy number of talented people looking to break into the post side of production. The author of this very popular book is none other than Klaudija Cermak, a compositing tutor who previously taught here at Escape Studios, and she certainly knows her stuff!

Klaudija’s wealth of knowledge about the London commercial post-production industry stems from over 20 years’ experience working in film, advertising and television post-production. She’s worked on films such as Gladiator, Harry Potter, Troy, Virtual History and a countless number of commercials for major brands. She's also taught numerous master classes on post-production at London Universities over the years, and her book attempts to answer important questions students have asked her during that time. So you see, she is the perfect person to write on the subject.

For further insight into the book, check out Klaudija's Blog, and read some of the great reviews she’s been getting:

“It is filled with tips on how to choose the segment of the industry you wish to work in, key roles: how to get them and what they entail. The ‘Rules for Survival’ are packed with little secrets on how to interact with clients and colleagues and how to get out of awkward situations with dignity. This is the essential guide to working successfully in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive global landscape of post-production.”

"It is not just for those looking to break into the post-production industry, but also professionals. All of that was enough info to entice me to read it right away. There are many books out there about compositing techniques and software, but none that really talk about the ins and outs of the industry.”

If you’re looking for some sound advice on breaking into post-production, then this is a great place to start. And of course, if you’re looking to break into VFX specifically and haven’t yet seen our VFX Bible, then make sure you check it out - for the history, the craft and a career in Visual Effects.  

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