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On the 25th of this month I'll be hosting a free Games webinar on Next Generation Asset Creation. We'll be looking at next gen techniques as well considering the part that low-poly still has to play in games art creation. High on the list of priorities for any Games Artist is knowing where to find their sources of inspiration - I'll show you what gets me going and how it helps me approach my own work.

The webinar is free, but we’ve had lots of people register so you'll need to secure your place right away.

Date for the webinar: February 25th, 2010

Webinar details:

5.20pm - 5.40pm GMT: Games art: Knowing the principles
5.40pm - 5.50pm GMT: Next generation assets creation
5.50pm - 6.00pm GMT: Live Q & A session; Have your questions ready

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Simon Fenton
Wed 10 Feb 2010: 1:49pm

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