Framestore to host online Q&A with F1 giants McLaren

Framestore to host online Q&A with F1 giants McLaren

F1 fans out there may have found themselves watching a new animated series over the last few months, following the fictional antics of McLaren drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.  

That’s right, we’re talking about ‘Tooned’.

Those of you who share a mutual passion for F1 and VFX may not know however, that this series was created by our good friends over at Framestore London.

In a joint venture with McLaren, the two entities have in fact come together to create a brand new media company, ‘McLaren Animation’, and ‘Tooned’ (their first project) consists of 12, 3 minute episodes. Using unique CG, this new found partnership brings quirky storylines to life, reaching out to a new audience and simultaneously tickling the diehard fans, who are already set in their armchairs before every race commences.

Be sure to follow Framestore on Twitter and get involved with today’s Q&A session at 4pm, with both McLaren and the series creators over at Framestore .  

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