Framestore Integrate IKinema

Framestore Integrate IKinema

IKinema are a relatively young company based in the UK with a very special product that is improving the workflow among VFX departments. For anyone lucky enough to have worked with this programme they will know that the IKinema technology is a powerful plug-in and a real asset to any project working with motion capture and animation. It’s an incredible tool with advanced solver settings and a flexible constraint system. It's no wonder Framestore, one of the top VFX companies in Europe, are taking full advantage of this tool by integrating it into their motion capture pipeline.

Framestore have reported that IKinema is powerful, fast and remarkably controllable, while also helping them shave days, sometimes weeks off their production time. With IKinema they now have the ability to reproduce the same setup script for several shots with significant ease, as well as maintaining high-quality results.

The inverse kinematics (IK) solver is paying a key role in the Framestore motion capture pipeline. They can use the motion capture solving and retargeting tool to create special effects and animation. IKinema is the perfect tool for a wide range of skeleton control problems.

On one particularly difficult project, it was imperative for Framestore to get the most accurate reproduction of an actor’s motion. Taking calibrated footage and overlaying the IKinema solver, Framestore were able to determine how well the solver matched the actor’s movement. The solver proved incredibly accurate, and gave a flexibility that streamlined the entire mocap solving and retargeting pipeline. The solver makes the process of rigging much quicker when using the advanced skeleton controls such as the joint limits and flexible constraint system.

All in all IKinema have a great product on their hands, and a very affordable one. If you would like any more information on how this product could work for you, please visit our website or contact our sales team here.

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