Framestore Industry Coaching for Escapees

Framestore Industry Coaching for Escapees

We believe it's crucial for students to not just have a thorough knowledge of work flow and software, but also understand the VFX industry and pipeline where they will work. So during their course we invite established post production houses to coach them, this means they get direct feedback on their work from respected VFX supervisors.

After all, these are the people they would like to work for in the future, and this experience provides them valuable additional knowledge of how to produce an effective showreel. For this particular lucky VFX Production class, I'd arranged for them to show their work at Framestore, and asked one of the students to write about the experience. Andre Giordani volunteered; these are his words...

'Miles had arranged for us to meet with JP, Senior Technical Director at Framestore in Soho, on Tuesday 21st February. When we arrived at the company we were welcomed, and taken through to a cinema room by the Recruiter Anna Swift. JP then started off by showing us budding VFX artists a Framestore trailer, which included their visual effects contributions to films such as Harry Potter, Troy, Clash of the Titans and Sherlock Holmes.

This was awesome and illustrated just a fraction of the success the company has achieved so far. Miles had delivered our work to demonstrate on the big screen, and I had a chance to see the F/A-18 Super Hornet I'd modelled over the last six weeks. It was a great chance to receive some constructive criticism, and I will definitely work on my use of shadows! Everyone in our group introduced themselves, and the projects they are working on at Escape, then over the next hour JP gave all 11 of us valuable instructive feedback. 

The course at Escape has been such an intense six weeks, I've learnt so much I haven’t been able to stop to catch my breath, but visiting Framestore has helped me put everything in perspective. Everyone on the course wants to break into this industry, and ideally end up working somewhere prestigious like Framestore, so it was fun to be in a post-production house, also to learn how a Senior Technical Director like JP launched his career into the VFX industry. Hopefully, he will have us back! ;)'

So a big thank you to Anna Swift and JP for taking the time to coach our escapees, for as you have just read these industry experiences and invaluable in helping bridge the gap between studying and working. So If you're a budding VFX artist, and want to know more about our courses, get in touch and I'd be more than happy to offer my advice.

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