FMX 2013

FMX 2013

Escape to Stuttgart!

I arrived at work this morning to a flurry of activity in reception and a strange contraption taking over the break-out space... it soon became apparent that the Escape team were preparing our exhibition stand for the FMX 2013 conference.

As we supped our morning cuppa the students and I were entertained by our studio assistants who were ‘assisting’ in putting the stand together while getting ever so slightly distracted by the bubble wrap that came with it, seriously who needs state-of-the-art computer games when you have bubble wrap?!

The conference, which is taking place in Stuttgart, Germany from 23-26 April, will cover Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia, with three presentations on Blue Sky Studio's Epic being just one of the many treats in store for all the FMX attendees.

Our training team are lucky enough to be among them so watch out for an update on how it all went when they return!

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Claire Vandenbroecke
Fri 5 Apr 2013: 3:18pm

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