Flying the flag...and carrying the torch.

Flying the flag...and carrying the torch.

As we all know the countdown to the 2012 Olympics is on, in fact it is at 77 days to be precise. The buzz of the Olympics is infectious and seems like a time for us to celebrate all things British, especially when it comes to VFX. So thankfully I found this in little beauty in the VFX news this week, the final version of Studio AKA’s introduction sequence for the BBC and their Olympic Torch Relay Coverage.

Cool right?

I know that not everyone is excited for the Olympics but I am not one of them. I personally cannot wait. Yes my journey to work might be horrific, well more horrific then before, but I think it is a great way for the UK to showcase our talent. And obviously not just in sport and the proof is right here. London based CG Studio AKA and Kristian Andrews, a brilliant British talent, were at the forefront of the BBC project.

The Studio AKA clip combines Andrews' direction, a breath taking interpretation of the Olympic Torch’s and an inspiring theme song by Brit band Elbow. I personally think it creates an additional level of excitement to the beginning of the first Olympics in the London since 1948.

If you are yet to see the Olympic Torch design then take a look here. It is pretty spectacular. It’s made from a dual layer aluminium alloy and the design includes 8,000 circular laser cut perforations to represent each of the 8,000 inspirational torchbearers from the UK.

For more information on the Olympics or to see if the Olympic torch is coming anywhere near you check out the London 2012 Olympic website  

We promise no more sports related blog next week!!

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