Flying Sorcery

Flying Sorcery

You may remember this fake UFO clip made famous last year - naturally everyone quickly branded it a fake which it clearly was/is.

However the interesting thing is that it is entirely computer generated - not just the space ships! This includes the car, pylons even the sky, and is designed to highlight how photo-realistic Visual Effects are integrated into almost everything we see these days.

The creator of these effects, Aristomenis Tsirbas, a veteran Visual Effects artist and director wanted to show people how convincing and natural looking expertly Modelled and Composited work can be. Here at Escape Studios you could say he's preaching to the converted, but anyone wanting to find out more please get in contact and we can make you see the light 


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Nick Mathews
Thu 7 Feb 2013: 4:21pm

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  • Ricardo Musch:

    I began to notice when the electricity poles came into the frame fully.
    But it is very good, I think part of it has to do with the dark sunset and not to forget, Sound design (Real recording I think).

  • Nathan Gowan:

    very cool, didnt notice the entire shot was CG. nice work

  • Senior Adrian:

    Amazing skills bro,congrats love the mother ship at the end,beautiful.

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