Flappy Bird, no longer the word?

Flappy Bird, no longer the word?

You may have been swept up by the recent craze that is Flappy Bird, and if this really is the case, I’m glad this is a one way interaction, because I’m one of those people who was able to decidedly detest the game before I even got a chance to play it. I have had it up to my wits end hearing about your latest time consuming app-addictions, and I am ecstatic about the following news…

That’s right, if you haven’t heard already, the creator of ‘Flappy Bird’, Dong Nguyen, has withdrawn his creation from online stores, as he professed to it ‘ruining his life’.  In a rather modest/stupid move, Mr.Nguyen, who was making £30,000 a day from the app (Hell!), has pulled the plug on Flappy Bird and is refusing to sell up.

Regardless of what may seem a slightly ludicrous, one can admit that an Indie Game developer rising to such fame in such a short amount of time, is a real testament to all those learning digital skills in this modern world of cyber creativity.

It is often said that it is best to leave them wanting more, than have them shooing you out of the door (that rhymed, unintentional) and maybe this is part of the plan? Maybe he’ll be back with a bigger, better, more addictive app for your time consumption in just a few months. If this does turn out to be the case, I do not want to hear about it this time around. 

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