Fintastic: PlayStation's new underwater papercraft game

Fintastic: PlayStation's new underwater papercraft game

There's been incredible diversity in the range of video games graphics presented to us over the years, but developers are still managing to find new ways to surprise us.

Created by East London street artist, Ronzo, and indie game studio Different Tuna, Derrick the Deathfin brings a whole new level of art direction to the PlayStation—thanks to the inspired use of papercraft techniques employed to bring the character and set designs to life.

The new title, downloadale from the PlayStation Network, attains its paper-y, scrapbook-like feel, as everything you see on screen—from individual characters to your score—was originally crafted from paper, using scissors and glue, before being translated into the digital realm. The overall effect creates "something that's kind of organic, that doesn't look like every other video game," as Different Tuna's Gordon Midwood says.

The end result is an addictive arcade game that carries a simultaneously contemporary and retro language.

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Thu 22 Nov 2012: 3:30pm

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