• Finola O'Brien

Finola O'Brien



FAVOURITE PROJECTS: Three little pigs - The Guardian

WHY VFX? Finola saw Escape Studios compositing course as an opportunity to build her knowledge of 2D and 3D techniques, and ultimately as her route into the VFX industry. She believed that given the nature of Compositing—the combination of all VFX elements into a final piece—Escape’s Compositing for Production would be "the best route to understand the VFX pipeline for a future career in production." 

ABOUT: After leaving Escape, Finola gained experience as a runner and then a Games Production Assistant at The Mill, before taking up the role of Production Assistant at Pixomondo. Finola’s experience and knowledge of the industry has led her to understand that her strengths and interests lie more in the coordination and production side of VFX, rather than necessarily working as a VFX artist, and she has since returned to The Mill, where she has taken on the role of Production Assistant. 

ADVICE:  Finola’s words of wisdom to all of those aspiring Compositors out there are: “you only get out of it what you are prepared put in. The success stories you hear are from people who worked extremely hard, and you will be expected to work extremely hard in the industry—it’s not something to pick up on a whim, nor is it for the faint-hearted!”