Film 4 Scene Stealers: Winner Announced!

Film 4 Scene Stealers: Winner Announced!

Just over six weeks ago, we blogged about a competition run by Film 4, called ‘Scene Stealers’.

This online talent hunt, challenged amateur filmmakers to recreate scenes from Film 4 productions over the years. The winning video, chosen today, is the brainchild of brothers Keith and David Lynch, and is a play on Steven Graham’s racist monologue as antagonist Combo, in the 2006 film This is England. The concept is very cleverly thought out, and the complete package is helped out with some amateur VFX.

Thanks to their ingenuity, the siblings have won a £5,000 development grant and mentoring to develop an original short film project.

My particular favourite, aside from the winner, is this little number I found on YouTube. It’s tone is considerably more insincere than the Lynch brothers clip, but being a fan of This is England in general, I thought it was a nice shout from the other end of the spectrum, and shows off the diversity of entries. 

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