Farewell to Potter

Farewell to Potter

It wouldn't be right to let Potter go by and not say a word about it?

Personally I loved it - the early days especially and finally HP7 which was amazing, even in 3D!

And for all our friends in Soho, it's also an end to something which has played a major part in the rise and growth of VFX in the UK. The Industry would have survived and prospered without it but I am not sure it would have had the meteoric rise it did if ILM had not passed the work over to this side of the Atlantic...

Nothing more to say other than "congratulations and thank you" to:

Double Negative, Framestore, Moving Picture Company (MPC), BaseblackCinesiteUnion Visual Effects, The Visual Effects Company 

There is a nice little read here for those of you who, like me, feel a little sad at the departure of Harry Potter: Winding Down Harry Potter's Visual Effects.

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Mark Cass
Wed 20 Jul 2011: 2:55pm

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  • Martyn Drake:

    Surely if Warner Bros. own the copyright and some IP rights to the characters of Harry Potter - what's to stop them from launching new movies without Rowling being involved at all? Hmm. Or does her deal with WB simply extend to the existing 7 book adaptations only?

  • toby young:

    Agree that it's definitely a tour de force from UK CG industry and congratulations all round to studios involved, but not so tearful of loosing JK Rowling stories!

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