Fancy Winning this iPad or $20 Amazon Vouchers?

Fancy Winning this iPad or $20 Amazon Vouchers?

Look at this lovely new shiny tablet. Well this beautiful iPad could be yours by simply filling out a quick survey. Not a rambling, multi-page behemoth, but a quick four question one. Two drop down questions and two check box's which take less than a minute to complete - if you don't believe me look at the screenshot below!

You see, for our Database to be accurate it must be continually updated with current information, that means we need your help. But your efforts will not go unrewarded, for one lucky winner will receive a brand-spanking new iPad, and ten runners-up will get $20 Amazon vouchers. 

The survey runs until the 31st October, but do it now while its fresh in your mind. Because in 6 weeks time you really don't want to be reading a blog post about the lucky winner, who is sliding and wiping their mitts over that iPad, and be thinking 'that could have been me!'

Don’t miss your chance to win it.

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Toby Young
Mon 26 Sep 2011: 9:18am

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