Fancy a treat?

Fancy a treat?

So last week we welcomed Steve Begg as our guest speaker to our Open Day and, as usual, it was a huge success.

Being what could be described as an ‘industry veteran’, Steve gave our guests an education on the old school style of filming, when (shock, horror) modelling was done by hand! It was certainly an eye-opener for a lot of them.

If you didn’t manage to make it down to us last week, first of all give yourself a little kick and then sign up for our Open Day next Wednesday when VFX Producer Julie Nixon will be giving our visitors a first-hand insight into the different roles available in the industry. With an impressive work history including The Mill TV, Beam TV, Realise Studio and Smoke and Mirrors she’s certainly got a lot of experience to share and here’s your opportunity to reap the benefits of it.

You’ll also be given a tour around our studios, have a peak into our one of our accelerated classroom sessions and, let’s not forget, of course, the real reason you all turn up to these things, the free pastries and OJ! 

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